Advent Season is Family Time

Especially in the cold and dark season, we all need moments that bring us joy on otherwise monotonous days. In addition to extra cuddles to keep each other warm and feel secure, there are various ways to enjoy time with the family and experience something together.

Cozy evenings can be used, for example, to light some candles, drink children's punch, and bake Christmas cookies. The smell of freshly baked cookies and the spices of the punch usually lingers for hours in the home, reminding us of the baking and the shared fun. I personally enjoy decorating at the end almost more than kneading and cutting out the dough, because then I can always nibble on the warm cookies and decorations. But also crafting and painting gifts can bring a lot of joy. And not just during the crafting itself, but also for the recipients.

In winter, in order to not just be indoors and enjoy the fresh and cool air outside, there are many more ideas for spending time than just a simple walk. In the snow, for example, the walk can be made much more exciting with a sled or by building a snowman. Now and then, and depending on the consistency of the snow, the odd little snowball may even whizz through the air.

In addition to simple walks, there are plenty of events and places that you can visit in winter despite the cold. Besides the well-known Christmas market, which we hope can take place again this year, and the ice rink, most wildlife parks and museums also remain open. Perhaps a visit to an open-air museum would be worth it?

Even untypical and usually not so popular activities like shoveling snow are much more fun when done together. While we adults see this as tiresome work, children often have a lot of fun with it. They are allowed to tackle "adult tasks" on their own and learn to exceed their limits, even if it might not work out so well at first. With their own little snow shovel, your child will immediately be given a sense of responsibility.

For all this and much more, our bumpli® products are the perfect companions. Whether it's cookies for school in our lunchbox, enough drinks in our bottles for all excursions, or our bumpli nightlights as companions in the dark.

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