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Vaporizer Vario Express including free FC+ bottle

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NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer, for up to 6 bottles and accessories, sterilizes quickly and safely within 6 minutes, includes 1x 300ml NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle with Temperature Control

Reliably sterilizes up to 6 standard heat-resistant baby bottles and accessories within 6 minutes (without heating phase) using steam 

Maximum flexibility with removable basket and 6 adjustable rods – for individual filling with large and small parts 

Modern, ergonomic design – visually appealing and user-friendly 

Safety features include indicator light and automatic shut-off 

Includes 1x NUK First Choice+ Baby Bottle with Temperature Control (300ml, 6-18 months, with Flow Control silicone teat – suitable for all types of food), 1x bottle tongs, 1x accessory basket, 1x grid, and 6x removable rods 

Especially in the first months of life, hygiene is of utmost importance in a household with a baby, as newborns' immune systems are not fully developed yet. With the NUK Vario Express, parents can be sure that bottles, pacifiers, and accessories are effectively rid of bacteria. But the steam sterilizer not only ensures thorough disinfection, it also significantly simplifies daily family life.

The NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer gently disinfects baby bottles using steam-based hot disinfection, eliminating 99.9% of germs without the use of chemicals. The device offers maximum flexibility, as the 6 adjustable rods and the accessory basket can be individually positioned as needed. This allows for up to 6 standard heat-resistant bottles to fit inside. In addition, pacifiers, accessories, and teething rings can be quickly and safely disinfected in the removable accessory basket. The vaporizer is electrically heated to vaporize the water inside it. In the steam atmosphere, a temperature of over 90°C is generated, which kills germs and effectively disinfects all parts. These remain germ-free inside the closed device with the lid unopened for up to 24 hours.

The entire cleaning process is started with just one button press – the device automatically shuts off after the disinfection process is complete. Sterilizing bottles and pacifiers can be done conveniently and without any additional time or effort. With its modern and compact design, the NUK Vario Express fits perfectly in any kitchen.

The NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer – fast, easy, and reliable, the practical assistant in a baby household.

Particularly easy to use:

A Fill 110ml of water into the base

B Place rods and/or basket as needed and arrange bottles or accessories on top

C Close the steam sterilizer with the lid and start the disinfection process

D Automatic shut-off (indicator light goes off) after sterilization


To prevent damage from scaling and ensure functionality, it is recommended to regularly descale the NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer. The NUK Vario Express Steam Sterilizer is equipped with an EU plug type CEE 7/7.

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