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NUK First Choice Learning to Drink Bottle Night, 150ml glow in the dark

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NUK First Choice Learning to Drink Bottle Night, 150ml, leak-proof, 6-18 months, 1 piece, pink

Easy transition to independent drinking Soft drinking spout made of silicone for children from 6-18 months Ergonomic handles for secure grip - with glow effect* Leak-proof learning to drink bottle made of polypropylene (PP), content 150ml, BPA free Motifs in a unique design Twinkle, twinkle, little cup

Shh... Let mom and dad sleep... What a great success when your baby learns to drink independently! Especially at night... The new NUK learning to drink bottles with glow effect make this developmental step so much easier. For your offspring and for you!

Because it glows in the dark, it's easy to find the cup. While mom and dad continue to sleep. Just place the NUK learning to drink bottle with glow effect under a lamp or in the sunlight. The special material stores the energy and emits it as a soft glow. All night long.*

Like every NUK cup, the NUK learning to drink bottles with glow effect are also leak-proof, so everything in the bed stays dry and cuddly. And of course they offer a variety of charming colors and motifs - specially designed for dreamy nights.

*Glow effect for up to 8 hours.

The NUK First Choice Learning to Drink Bottle

As your baby becomes a toddler, the NUK First Choice learning to drink bottle ensures a smooth transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to independent drinking. The NUK First Choice Soft drinking spout made of silicone is pleasantly soft and is equipped with the NUK Air System. This reduces infant colic and harmful swallowing of air.

With high-quality silicone drinking spout

NUK silicone drinking spouts are made of a high-quality plastic. The clear silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly temperature resistant. It is free from harmful substances, boilable, odorless, transparent, and has a smooth surface - all advantages that are important for a drinking spout.

Secure hold for children's hands

The handles are ergonomically shaped and have anti-slip knobs.

Easy to clean and ideal for food preparation

The 150ml plastic bottle consists of the proven First Choice elements such as extra-wide bottle opening, screw ring, sealing disc, and protective cap. All components can be easily removed from the bottle - ideal for cleaning and food preparation.

The NUK First Choice learning to drink bottle can be combined with all other items from the NUK First Choice range.

NUK learning to drink bottles comply with the European safety standard EN14350.

Read the warning and usage instructions inside carefully. Please keep the product information and item / LOT number for later use. NUK cups and drinking attachments can only be combined with the respective product line.

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