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Multi Dry Drying Rack

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NUK MultiDry Drying Rack - Practical drying of up to 6 bottles and accessories, BPA-free

  • Practical drying of bottles and accessories 
  • Space-saving, hygienic, and versatile 
  • Holds up to six bottles and other accessories such as pacifiers, drinking teats, or porridge spoons 
  • Modern flower-shaped design 
  • Suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher 

Where to put all the bottles, drinking teats, pacifiers, and other utensils from the baby household that need to be dried daily after washing or disinfecting? There is now a practical and beautiful answer to this question: The NUK MultiDry Drying Rack, with its flower shape, is a focal point in any kitchen and holds up to six bottles and a lot of accessories. Pacifiers, drinking teats, or porridge spoons find their place in the grid that is embedded in the flower calyx.

  • Subtle colors, modern design 
  • Bottles are simply placed over the petals. This allows air to circulate inside - for residue-free and hygienic drying 
  • Stable stand due to circular foot, which also collects the dripping water 
  • Easy to clean: The drying rack can be easily disassembled into its individual parts and cleaned in the dishwasher 
  • All components of the NUK MultiDry Drying Rack are made of high-quality plastic and are BPA-free 

The NUK MultiDry Drying Rack: A hygienic, time- and space-saving alternative to draining on the dish towel!

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