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NUK Mini Magic Cup, 160ml

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NUK Mini Magic Cup, 160 ml, Unique Drinking Edge, Sealing Silicone Disc, from 6 Months, 1 Piece, Turquoise

  • Drinking from all sides through 360° drinking rim 
  • With ergonomic handles for easy gripping 
  • Holds 160ml of liquid, suitable for children from 6 months 
  • Leak-proof, with protective cap for on-the-go, BPA-free Unique design motifs 
  • Learning to drink is within easy reach

Learning to drink is within easy reach

The NUK Mini Magic Cup allows even the youngest children to drink like the adults. The 360° drinking rim encourages and trains drinking from all sides - almost like a regular cup. The "magical" difference: the cup can't leak because a silicone disc seals the top from the inside. Drinking is still child's play: your child just has to suck a little on the edge of the cup.

Also, the cup is extra small and handy. Thanks to the ergonomic handles, even small fingers and hands can hold it effortlessly. And to keep the NUK Mini Magic Cup clean and safe everywhere, an additional cover protects it.

NUK Mini Magic Cup - Drinking like the adults, extra for the little ones

The cup is made from a high-quality and durable material, 100% BPA free and printed with cute motifs. It consists of extra few individual parts that can be assembled and disassembled in no time. All parts are easy and effective to clean.

A variety of choices - Learn to drink, as you like

Hurray - we're learning to drink! Independent drinking is one of the most important steps in the development of babies - and quite difficult. The little ones need a lot of patience and skill for it. We want to support them in learning and have therefore developed the NUK Evolution Cups: learning to drink cups that grow with the child, in two sizes and with different drinking attachments.

NUK Cups comply with European safety standard EN14350.

Please read the warning and usage instructions inside carefully. Please keep the product information and item/LOT number for later use. NUK Cups and drinking attachments can only be combined with the respective product line.

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