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bumpli® EduPOP 

The new educational toy from bumpli® is here!

With EduPOP's, your child will learn math and other skills through play. Whether it's addition, subtraction, or improving sensory abilities, the EduPOP's turns challenging topics into a game.

The revolution of the abacus

We all know the abacus from our childhood. But let's be honest, did we ever understand it? Or did we ever have fun playing with it? Most likely, the answer is "No."

✅ Playful learning without frustration 

✅ Promotes logical thinking and sensory skills

 ✅ Developed with parents and teachers

The fantastic features of EduPOP's

  • Made of flexible and highly durable material
  • BPA-free and free of harmful substances
  • Comes with a practical carabiner holder (carabiner hook not included)
  • Includes exciting educational games

Background information on EduPOP

We developed EduPOP based on surveys and in collaboration with teachers and parents. The surveys revealed that over 90% of respondents do not know how to use the abacus to perform calculations, either for themselves or their children. With EduPOP, it's easy!

Did you know that the POP's (on which EduPOP's are based) have been successfully used as stress-relief toys in children's therapy for ADHD for several years? It was observed that the popping sound and the associated tactile feedback help both children and adults relax and effectively reduce stress.

These findings, along with other educational aspects, are the reasons why we are so convinced of EduPOP. Its relaxing and stress-reducing effects help minimize frustration in learning and avoid giving up on a task, or at least delay it. As a result, the learning curve, especially when entering the world of mathematics, improves.

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