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Introducing our new highlight:

Our new, self-illuminating night light, bumpli light+

Finding the drinking bottle at night without artificial light? No problem with our new bumpli light+!

If your child is disturbed by light sources while sleeping, the new bumpli light+ will be just the thing.

This is what distinguishes our bumpli light+:

✅ Allows undisturbed sleep in the dark

✅ Promotes independent drinking

✅ Uses natural daylight as a source of energy

✅ Charges itself automatically during the day

Less bright and still effective: Together with the experiences and suggestions of our customers, we have created a new variant of our popular bottle light that does not require any LEDs.

The bumpli light+ is a silicone sleeve that can easily be slipped onto all standard baby and children's drinking bottles. The fluorescent material stores daylight and helps your child find the drinking bottle at night with a gentle shimmer - without any artificial LED light. This makes it easy to combine a dark sleeping room with independent drinking. The bumpli light+ uses only natural daylight as its energy source. You don't have to worry about charging, as the fluorescent material takes care of this automatically during the day.

The bumpli light+ is, like all our products, made from child-friendly, non-toxic material.

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