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All-in-1 Drinking Training Set, Neutral

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NUK Drinking Training Set 230ml, gift box with different drinking attachments, leak-proof, from 6 months, BPA free, yellow & turquoise

Holds 230ml liquid, suitable for children from 6 months 1x NUK Trainer Cup drinking attachment (6M+), 1x NUK Magic Cup drinking attachment (8M+), 1x NUK Action Cup (12M+) Growing drinking cup - promotes independent drinking Cup made of robust plastic (PP), with protective cap for on the go, BPA free Attractive NUK gift box with viewing window, motifs in unique design NUK Evolution Cups - Drinking Training Cups that keep up with every step of development

Yay - we're learning to drink! Independent drinking is one of the most important steps in a baby's development - and quite tricky. The little ones need a lot of patience and skill for this. We want to support them in learning and have therefore developed the NUK Evolution Cups: drinking training cups, with different drinking attachments that grow with the child. Thanks to the diverse combination options, this cup assortment offers the suitable cup for every step of development. Each attachment is designed to suit a different learning phase and can be effortlessly exchanged as the baby's abilities increase. This way, the little ones always get the support they need.

NUK Trainer Cup with soft drinking spout for children from 6 months

What was previously a drinking teat becomes a soft spout that is particularly gentle to the gums and palate. This makes the transition from the bottle easier. The ergonomically shaped handles also allow the little ones to effortlessly hold the cup with their whole hand or fingers. And to prevent any flooding, the NUK Trainer Cup is of course 100% leak-proof. An additional lid also ensures the clean and safe transport of the cup.

NUK Magic Cup with 360° drinking rim for children from 8 months

The Magic attachment allows children to drink like grown-ups. Because the 360° drinking rim promotes and trains drinking from all sides - without handles and almost like a normal cup. The only "magic" difference: The cup cannot leak. A silicone disc seals the attachment on the inside. Drinking is still easy for the child: they just have to suck a little on the edge of the cup. And to keep the NUK Magic Cup clean and safe on the go, an additional lid protects it.

NUK Action Cup with extra soft drinking straw for children from 12 months

The NUK Action Cup is perfect for babies and toddlers whose urge to move and radius of action is increasing every day. The flexible and exceptionally soft drinking straw keeps up with every activity. It allows easy drinking and is particularly gentle on the palate and gums. For transport, the straw disappears with a twist into the lid. This way, it can neither leak nor get dirty.

NUK cups comply with the European safety standard EN14350.

Please read the warnings and instructions for use carefully inside. Please keep product information and item/ LOT no. for later use. Drinking straws are not suitable for children under 6 months. NUK cups and drinking attachments can only be combined with the respective product line.

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