Here we answer your questions about our products


Are the bumpli® drinking bottles leak-proof?

Our 100% leak-proof protection is only guaranteed with the 1-click closure lids.

This is due to the design of the bottles and their lids with special seals.

The straw lids, which we include as a free addition to the transparent 350 ml bottles, are also wonderful for daily use.

What both of these lids have in common is the air hole, which ensures that air can flow in while drinking and prevents the "glugging" effect.

It's important that the bottles with the 1-click closure lids are not tilted too much while drinking. The small air hole should always remain free of liquid so that air can flow in.

If the bottle is equipped with a straw lid, you should ideally transport it upright and, for example, not take it to bed for lying down while drinking.

Do your bottles withstand carbonation?

Our bottles largely withstand carbonation.

We frequently receive positive reviews from customers who report that the bottles remain perfectly sealed even with carbonated beverages.

In any case, when using the water bottle with carbonated drinks, it should not be filled completely. There should be some space left at the top for air.

Additionally, please wait a moment before closing the bottle.

Can you remove the carrying strap from the bumpli® water bottle?

Yes, you can remove the carrying strap from your bumpli® Tritan water bottle, as the rings to which the straps are attached are made of slightly flexible plastic.

To remove the carrying strap, take your empty (!) bottle and first remove the lid.

Then, gently bend the ring up piece by piece and pull it over the small edge that holds the ring on the bottle.

Are the bumpli® lunchboxes leak-proof?

Our lunchboxes are leak-proof. This is ensured by the rubber seals on the upper lid, which seal each compartment individually.

However, caution is required with the large compartment: if you use the additional insert there, which creates 6 small compartments, this compartment is no longer leak-proof.

To check which compartments are leak-proof, it's best to look at the lid from the inside. You will see which compartments are individually sealed by a rubber gasket.

What material are the bumpli® lunchboxes made of?

Our bumpli® lunchboxes are made of the following materials:

Outer box: ABS

Inner inserts: Tritan

Inner lid: TPE + PP

Warum sind die bumpli® Lunchboxen sind so schwer?

Wir versuchen stets unsere Produkte so anzupassen, dass möglichst viele Kundinnen und Kunden zufrieden sind.

Natürlich ist es leider nicht möglich, die Präferenzen von allen Kundinnen und Kunden zu treffen.

Um hier für möglichst viel Transparenz zu sorgen, haben wir die Produktmaße sowie das Gewicht und weitere Informationen auf der jeweiligen Produktseite in unserem Shop angegeben, sodass man vor dem Kauf die einzelnen Faktoren abwägen kann.

Aufgrund der 4 praktischen abgeschlossene Fächer und des herausnehmbaren Einsatzes sowie extra Trennfachs, kann das Gewicht der bumpli® Lunchbox etwas anders ausfallen als bei regulären Lunchboxen.

Das Gewicht der bumpli® Lunchbox beträgt 495 Gramm.

Möchtest du eine etwas leichtere Lunchbox in ähnlich flachem Design, können wir dir unser leichteres Modell, die bumpli® Lunchbox Gourmet empfehlen.

Diese wiegt rund 360 Gramm und sogar nur 330 Gramm ohne das gratis Besteck und den gratis Dip-Behälter.

Can I use the bumpli® night light with glassware as well?

Yes, the bumpli® bottle light can also illuminate drinking glasses and cups. The bottom diameter should be between 55 – 75 mm.

Can my child turn the bumpli® night light on and off independently?

It all depends on your little one when they can independently turn a bumpli® night light on and off.

How do the 3 brightness levels work with the bumpli® night light?

Our night light has 3 brightness levels.

In the highest brightness level, there is an automatic timer that turns off the bumpli® night light after 30 minutes.

If you want your bumpli® night light to stay on continuously, choose the lowest or middle brightness level.

Is using the bumpli® night light safe for children?

Of course, it is very important to us that using the bumpli® night light is safe - for adults and, of course, for children.

The gentle LED lights in the bumpli® night light are safe for the eyes.

The bumpli® night light does not get hot and provides very pleasant, non-glaring light with its dimmable brightness levels.

The LED unit consists of one piece and does not contain any small, swallowable parts.

The silicone cover of the bumpli® bottle light is labeled BPA-free and does not contain Bisphenol A. It is made of soft silicone and can be safely put in the mouth by children (FDA compliant/food-safe).

Only when charging should the LED unit be placed in a location where your child cannot reach it.

Won't my little ones be distracted by the bumpli® night light?

According to scientific studies, warm white light has a calming and sleep-inducing effect. For this reason, we have consciously chosen to use only one light color, namely warm white light, for our bumpli® night light.

Do you have to replace the batteries in the bumpli® night light?

No, the bumpli® night light is rechargeable via a mini-USB port.

You will receive a corresponding charging cable with each bumpli® bottle light.

The battery indicator light will be red during the charging process until it is fully charged.

Once it is fully charged, the light will change from red to green.

If, for whatever reason, you need to dispose of your bumpli® night light after a long period of use, please follow the general guidelines for disposing of electronic items.

The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin means that the product must be collected separately in the European Union. This applies to the product and all accessories marked with this symbol. Marked products must not be disposed of with normal household waste but must be taken to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Recycling helps reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduces the impact on the environment.

Is the bumpli® night light protected against water ingress?

Thanks to the IP67 water and dust resistance, the bumpli® night light is protected against brief immersion in water. So you don't need to worry if the bumpli® night light accidentally comes into contact with water.

Why does my bumpli® night light have a new smell?

We guarantee that this is a harmless new smell, which usually dissipates after approximately 72 hours.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to rinse the silicone cover thoroughly.

How do I clean my bumpli® products?

Lunchboxes, lunch containers, and drink bottles:

We generally recommend hand washing for our products.

Our Tritan drink bottles can withstand temperatures of up to 65 degrees Celsius, but experiences have shown that dishwasher temperatures can sometimes vary from device to device. This can lead to temporarily higher temperatures, which may have a negative impact on the bottles and other plastics.

Bumpli® night light:

The LED unit can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The silicone cover is dishwasher safe.

What are B-grade products?

Our B-Stock products are items that may have minor imperfections on the packaging or have been returned to us because they were not liked.

All products that we offer as B-Stock are, of course, thoroughly inspected by us before they are available in the shop for you.

Thus, you can always expect products that are like new!

Since our B-Stock items are unique pieces, the prices may vary daily.

This depends on the number and condition of the respective products.

Why do your prices vary?

Products that we offer in a promotion, in a pre-sale or as B-goods are usually particularly discounted compared to the products that can be ordered regularly,

It can also happen that (promotion -)Prices vary within a product.

Price calculation is a very complex process that depends on various factors, such as the number of items in stock, demand, condition of the goods, etc..

Sometimes it can also happen that an offer calculation has to be adjusted again. This is common and not at all unusual.

That's why we write "up to X%" in our promotions.

Why do some products incur shipping costs?

Products that are offered in individual promotions (such as pre-sales) or as B-goods are usually offered at a special discount.

With such low prices, it is not possible for us to offer you additional free shipping.

Such products are therefore excluded from free shipping or require a minimum purchase value to receive free shipping to receive.

Multiple discount

Get a twin discount or multiple discount at bumpli®

Have you had twins or even triplets? Congratulations! ♡
So the joy is twice or three times as great!

Of course, the need for baby equipment also increases accordingly, which also drives up expenses. That's why we at bumpli® would like to accommodate you with our multiple birth discount.

Parents of multiple birth children receive a 10% discount on every order in our shop.

You would like to shop with us for your twins or multiples and are wondering how you can get the multiple discount at bumpli®?

Here are the answers :

Send us a copy of the birth certificate to the following email address:

In the next few days you will receive an email with a personal twin discount - Advantage code.

Enter this discount code with every order to have the discount deducted from your invoice.

< p>Important:

Please note that the discount code will not be automatically deducted from your orders, but that you must re-enter it with each order for it to apply. p>

The discount code is intended only for use by the person applying. Transferring it to other people is not permitted.

The discount code cannot be combined with other advantage codes and is not valid on B-goods and bundles.

Have fun browsing through our online shop with the diverse range of baby and Children's products, all of which you can order with the twin discount.

My discount code doesn't work - why?

Discount codes and vouchers are not applicable to bundles and B-stock products.

In addition, only 1 discount code can be used per order.

So please check whether you may have products from the above categories in your shopping cart or whether you have already activated a discount code.

If you have several vouchers or discount codes, consider whether which you would like to use when placing your order.

If you still have problems redeeming your voucher or discount code, please contact our customer service at:


Can I return items if I don't like them?

If you are not satisfied with an order, you can return it within 30 days of the purchase date (the goods must be undamaged and the product packaging must be present).

You are responsible for the return shipping costs. But we will send you your money back without any ifs or buts!

Please send your return to the following address:

Bumpli GmbH
Marga- Faulstich-Straße 1
24145 Kiel

Please be sure to include a note with your name and order number when returning the item.

What if my bumpli® product is defective?

All bumpli® products are subject to legally regulated warranty law. Defects in the products can therefore be claimed under certain conditions within two years of purchase (see our general terms and conditions and the statutory provisions of German warranty law).

In order to claim a defective product To complain about a product, please contact our customer service by email.

Please include a photo of the defective product and tell us your order number or the email address used when placing the order.

You can reach our customer service via:

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel an active order that is not yet in the shipping process using our chat bot at the bottom right of the shop page.

To do this, open the chat window and select "Cancel order" and follow the steps that the chat bot shows you.

If your order is already in the shipping process, cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible.

In this case, please contact our customer service at:

Where are your products manufactured and how do you guarantee fair supply chains?

Our products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

When selecting our producers, it is very important to us that they meet all the necessary standards and, above all, are certified according to BSCI.

The BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) certification is a code of conduct set by leading companies and the FTA (Foreign Trade Association) to create a uniform social standard.

The certification shows that the respective company is committed to fair working conditions, both internally and in the supply chain.

In addition, we have our own tests carried out on our products to ensure that our Children should not come into contact with harmful substances. In particular, BPA and pollutant tests for the various materials are carried out carefully.

Why is bumpli® actually called bumpli®?

The brand name bumpli® is made up of two English words: Bumper stands for bumper and Light stands for light. bumpli® combines protection and light.