Everything for Your Halloween Party

When the days become shorter and the trees become more colorful, the time of witches and wizards draws near. Halloween has been fascinating young and old for many years. Dressing up, sweet treats, going from house to house with friends, and of course, the most important thing: Halloween parties. So that you are well prepared for the horror event, we have gathered a few ideas and tips for you.

Decoration To make the party truly spooky, the right atmosphere must be created, and this is best done with eerie decorations.

Floating Ghosts All you need are white balloons, white crepe paper, and black cardboard. First, blow up the balloons and cut a few different lengths of strips from the crepe paper (25-40 cm). Then stick the strips all around the lower part of the balloon. Now all you have to do is cut out 3 circle-like shapes from the cardboard and stick them on as eyes and mouth on the balloon. Done!

Mummy Lights Proper lighting should also not be missing at your party. Take a few washed-out jam jars and wrap them with a gauze bandage until covered. Secure it by tucking the end of the bandage under the upper neighboring layer or alternatively with glue. Then cut out spooky eyes from black paper and stick them on. Finally, just put a (fake) tea light inside.

Recipes Anyone who celebrates a lot will, of course, get hungry. So a few spooky snacks should not be missing at your party.

Monster Slime Super easy, quick to make, and fun. For this recipe, all you need is a pack of woodruff jelly and sugar eyes. Cook the jelly according to the instructions on the package, fill it into small cups or glasses and put them in the refrigerator for a few hours. Then place two eyes each on the jelly, and the slimy snack is ready.

Mummy Sausages For the mummified sausages, all you need are three ingredients: Wiener sausages, puff pastry, and some mustard. First, cut the puff pastry into approximately 1 cm wide strips and then wrap these around the sausages. It's important to leave a small piece at one end of the sausage. If you want, you can wrap a piece of cheese in each. Preheat the oven to 200°C fan-assisted. Then put the mummies on a baking tray and bake for about 15 minutes. When they are golden brown, take them out of the oven and let them cool down. Now you can draw two small dots as eyes on the free spot with mustard and a toothpick.

Games & Crafts Now everything is finally prepared, and the party can begin! To keep it from getting boring, here are some ideas for what the little witches, ghosts, and monsters could do.

Ghost Throwing Can throwing is a classic, but not really scary. For ghost throwing, instead of cans, you need ten clear plastic cups, on which you draw spooky eyes and mouths with a marker. Then just stack them as you would with can throwing, and the little ghosts can be knocked down with a ball.

Spider Race For this game, you need a few small plastic spiders and straws. Each child gets a spider and a straw. The spiders are placed on the floor or a smooth surface. The children now sit behind their spider on the floor. When the start signal comes, all children blow as hard as they can through the straw at their spider, so it moves forward. Which spider will reach the finish line first?

Spider Print Now it's time to get creative! First for the preparation: For each party guest, you need a toilet paper roll. Mark four stripes on each side of the roll with a pen, each about 0.5 cm wide. Then cut the roll between the stripes about 3 cm deep and fold the stripes outward. You can simply cut off the larger, remaining areas in between. Lastly, put some black acrylic paint on a cardboard plate. Now let's go: Each child gets a toilet paper spider and a sheet of paper. The toilet paper spider can now be pressed into the color and then pressed onto the paper, so a spider print is created. When the sheet is filled with spiders, it can be decorated. Googly eyes and colored pencils are suitable for this. In the end, each child has his own creepy artwork.

With these recipes, deco ideas, and games, nothing should stand in the way of your perfect Halloween party! If you are looking for more inspiration, feel free to check out our Instagram and TikTok channel, where we post scary recipes, fun craft ideas, and much more.

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