Activities for the Summer

Just as for some children, these are the first summer holidays they will ever experience, for others, these will be their last. But one thing remains the same for everyone: it's always exciting and lovely to have six weeks off. With a bit of luck, there is also the chance to travel and simply experience something new. Even in kindergarten, there are usually summer holidays, albeit a bit shorter. During this summertime break, your child can do and experience so much.

You must be wondering how best to keep your child entertained This is, of course, somewhat dependent on age. But one thing all children can learn well during the long summer holidays is how to entertain themselves. After all, as a mom or dad, you can't have the entire six weeks completely planned out. That wouldn't be a break for the child at all.

There are many great activities that you can do with your child, but that they can also do alone or with friends. Today we're giving you a few suggestions so that your children can have a beautiful summer of 2022.

How your children can have an exciting summer It's clear that even boredom is perfectly okay for your child. Nowadays, everything moves so quickly. The summer holidays are a good time to take a break from the fast-paced, stressful everyday life. For working parents who can't take a long break, holiday programs offered by the city or school are a great help. The times when your child is supervised are similar to regular school hours.

Are your children a bit older? If your child/children are old enough to stay home alone, it can of course happen that they want to spend the whole day at home, busy with their PC, TV, and social media. They can do this now and then, but they should get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can check if there is an outdoor swimming pool or lake nearby. You can, for example, prepare towels, sunscreen, and swimsuits for your children and suggest an activity. Perhaps something is being organized in the next town, you can read about it on the internet and tell your children, encouraging them to go there. After all, six weeks is a long time in which a lot can be done.

Can your children not yet stay home alone? Then a lot of organization usually goes into the summer holidays. For a few weeks, your children can participate in a holiday program or stay with their grandparents. When you have time off with the children, you can go on an outing or even travel, if finances allow. Whether to the swimming pool, the cinema, or just to the playground. Your children will be very happy to spend time with mom and/or dad. You can also arrange meetings with friends from kindergarten or school. This will make the summer unforgettable! For big and small adventures, bumpli® products are the ideal companions. You can quickly and easily give your children something to eat or ensure that they drink enough. Not familiar with our products yet? Then take a look!

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