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Children's Water Bottle, BPA-free, 350ml, softTouch

✅ Super durable and resistant to shocks

✅ A water bottle with a fun factor

✅ Child-friendly material, BPA-free - made of TRITAN

✅ 350ml capacity

✅ Can largely withstand carbonation

✅ softTouch / Frosted design

✅ The right water bottle for your child

Whether it's a big or small adventure, having enough fluids is essential for every journey. That's exactly what the "bumpli water bottle" was created for. Perfect for kindergarten, school, outings, and more, thanks to its super lightweight design, weighing only 112g.

✅ Super robust and resistant to shocks

Your child stays safe, with no risk of breakage like glass bottles. Suitable for children aged 3 and above.

✅ A water bottle with a fun factor

Even the opening with the popping protective cap brings joy to your little one. The innovative anti-gluck drinking opening quenches thirst super quickly while preserving the pure taste. Thanks to the consistent water flow, there's no spilling, perfect for children aged 3 and above. It's also easy to use on the go, thanks to the 1-CLICK drinking closure. With the carrying loop, your child can have the bottle by their side at all times.

✅ Child-friendly material, BPA-free

Your water only comes in contact with BPA-free materials - BPA-free, no plasticizers, no phthalates. Want to enhance your drinks with refreshing fruits or ice cubes? It's easy to do with the EXTRA large opening (Ø 4.5cm) that allows your child to fill the bottle themselves.

✅ Suitable for carbonation

When using the water bottle with carbonated drinks, do not fill it completely, but leave some space for air (about 3/4 full) and wait a moment before closing the bottle.

Dimensions of the bottle:

Diameter: 7 cm

Height: 17 cm

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