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Double pack 1 liter water bottle

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🚨Save with the double pack!🚨

2x 1 Liter Karo Water Bottle for only 29.99€

Secure our popular 1L bottle in a stylish design in a double pack to fully enjoy the summer with your bestie! 🌴

✅ Super robust and sturdy against shocks, ideal for joint adventures

✅ A drinking bottle that increases the fun factor

✅ 350ml, 500ml & 1L capacity

✅ Withstands carbonation to a large extent

✅ The perfect water bottle for loving moments with your child

Whether it's a big or small adventure, adequate hydration is a part of every joint journey. This is exactly what the "bumpli drinking bottle" was created for. Ideal for school, sports, excursions, and more, thanks to its super light weight (225g), which supports harmonious bonding. ✅ A water bottle with fun factor, that brings joy

Even the opening with the popping protective cap is fun & cheer and promotes closeness to each other. The innovative anti-glug drinking opening quenches thirst super quickly - the taste remains 100% PURE. Thanks to the constant water flow, there is no dribbling. Also easy to operate on the go - thanks to 1-CLICK drink closure. With a handy carrying loop, to feel secure! ✅ Health-friendly, BPA-free material for carefree moments

Of course, your water ONLY comes into contact with BPA-free materials - BPA free, no plasticizers, no phthalates. DRINK MORE? Refine your shared drinks with refreshing fruits or ice cubes, which child doesn't love that? Everything is easy to fill - EXTRA large opening (Ø 4.5cm) so that your child can easily fill the bottle themselves and you can both enjoy carefree moments together.

Bottle dimensions

Ø 7.8cm, height 25.8cm, lid height 4.3cm, total height: 28.1cm,

Weight: 225g.

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